Thursday, June 21, 2007

Another journalist is nabbed for libel

Jeez, I can't believe it. Jofelle is simply too beautiful to spend time in jail! This is unbelievable!


Antares said...

Is Jofelle as beautiful as you, Dava Maguinda? Fancy finding you on blogspot!
You still at the Y or have you found yourself
a nice room somewhere? :-) xXx

Dava Maguinda said...

Hello! This is a great surprise! Yes, I'm still staying at the Y---sometimes I call it an X because it's a world apart from the Y I knew in KL!
I've been waiting for the day you'll find me on blogspot and now it happens! How do you explain that?!

confessions from a cheap motel said...

errr--- how about Paris Hilton? :P is she too pretty too? hehe

Antares said...

How did I discover Davao Diaries? Shall I tell you? Well, okay! I make a habit of checking my Stats and sometimes I follow the links back to their source :-) xXx