Sunday, December 03, 2006

Lessons from the Bagobo Horseman


How did a horse get a full grasp of the mathematical formula of gravitation? Or, was it born with an innate understanding of the principles of levity? Yet, as it moves its rider to higher grounds, the horse musters all its strength and speed as if the universal mind has stamped upon its body the intelligence to understand and defy gravity. There’s only the rider and the horse on the way up the cliff. No other world exists; not even the landscape, which at that height, can be so fatally captivating! But a moment’s inattention can prove too dangerous. The rider has to time all her movements with the horse, has to become one with the horse in mind and body. She has to let go of all controls and trust everything to the horse, which at that moment becomes an embodiment of wisdom; allowing her a glimpse of the eternal mystery of life and death in a flash of a second.


Anonymous said...

Good heavens ! But where the hell is the HORSE ?
I keep seeing FLOWERS and a Van Gogh mountain---but, by gosh, the author has forgotten to put the horse.
Perhaps the horse fled because she kept mumbling those philosophical mumbo-jumbo along the way ?

J.A. Romualdez, Toronto CA

bananas said...

J.A Romualdez,

can't you, for your own sanity's sake, not desire to see the horse.

Are you like a bratty toddler who cannot identiy apple sans a flashy picture?

Dava, dear, I am glad you did not post the horse's picture.